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Smiths Falls Office

Office Manager – Smiths Falls
Tracy Colford, tcolford@valleylaw.ca
Tracy graduated from St. Lawrence College with a Legal Assistant’s Diploma in 1987, and she has been working in the legal field ever since. She has been with our firm since March of 2000. She has experience and knowledge in all areas of law practiced by our firm and has been serving as our office and accounting manager since 2013.

Corporate Clerk – Smiths Falls
Tania Blair, tblair@valleylaw.ca
Tania graduated from St. Lawrence College in 1988 with a Diploma in Office Administration – Executive, and she has been working in the legal field since that time.

Real Estate Clerk – Smiths Falls
Chrystal Heffren, cheffren@valleylaw.ca
Chyrstal recently joined our team after working for other local firms for many years. She graduated from CDI College Paralegal Program in 2007. Chyrstal will be assisting Shane Kelford & Tessa Morris.

Real Estate Clerk – Smiths Falls
Jamie-Lynn Metcalfe, jlmetcalfe@valleylaw.ca
Jamie-Lynn has recently jointed our team.  She graduated with a Legal Assistant’s diploma in 2006.  She works primarily with Jennifer Reid.

Estates Clerk – Smiths Falls
Sandy Dubas, sdubas@valleylaw.ca
Sandy has worked with the firm since 1990. Although she has experience in many areas of law, she has been our estates clerk since the year 2000.

Receptionist – Smiths Falls
Laurie Thompson, reception@valleylaw.ca
Laurie has been working with our firm in various capacities since 2003. At present, her welcoming manner is highly valued at reception, where she keeps the ship sailing smoothly.

Real Estate Clerk – Smiths Falls
Joanne Lumsden, jlumsden@valleylaw.ca
Joanne came to the firm in 2010, after 18 years experience in the legal field. She has a diploma in Legal Assistance from Algonquin College. She works primarily with Andrew Howard.

Legal Assistant – Smiths Falls
Kelly O’Neill-Falkner, koneill@valleylaw.ca
Kelly joined our firm in 2002 after working in the legal field for a number of years. Kelly works primarily with Shane Kelford.

Legal Assistant – Smiths Falls
Danielle Anderson, danderson@valleylaw.ca
Danielle joined our team in 2018. She has a Criminologoy & Law Degree from Carleton University. Danielle works primarily for Andrew Howard with regards to his Corporate and Wills & Powers of Attorney practice.  Danielle is currently on maternity leave.  Any enquires can be directed to Jackie Rothner at jrothner@valleylaw.ca.

Carleton Place Office

Legal Assistant – Carleton Place
Kamila Baltar, kbaltar@valleylaw.ca
Kamila graduated as a Bachelor in Law in 2012, as Faculdades Integradas de Vitoria – FDV, and in 2021 graduated with honors from the Marketing Management with honors at Algonquin College and has recently joined our firm.  She works primarily with Teresa DuBois.

Legal Assistant – Carleton Place
Jesse Bilodeau, jbilodeau@valleylaw.ca
Jesse graduated graduated from the Law Clerk program at Algonquin College in 2013 and has recently joined our firm.  Jesse works primarily with Jonathan Collings.

Legal Assistant – Carleton Place
Dolores Vaughan, dvaughan@valleylaw.ca
Dolores recently joined our firm in 2021.  Dolores works for Teresa DuBois as her real estate assistant.

Our Lawyers

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